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Join us at Booth #205 and discover how to select safer and better drug candidates!

  • Increase your odds of success by selecting better & safer drug candidates with the gold standard in vitro safety pharmacology profiling panels.

  • Integrate tier 1, 2, & 3 in vitro safety pharmacology profiling panels at each step of the drug discovery process to proceed with right molecules.

  • Design customized fit-for-purpose safety panels to meet the unique needs of your drug discovery program.

  • Combine binding & functional panels to maximize the impact of in vitro safety pharmacology profiling.

  • Expedite lead optimization and shorten delivery times of preclinical candidates with 5-day turnaround hERG assays.
  • Comprehensive mechanistic understanding to predict proarrhythmia risk with our CiPA cardiac ion channel panels.

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Comparison of 5-HT3 Binding and Functional Activity Using the IonFlux™ HT Automated Patch Clamp Platform

Complementary In Vitro Safety Pharmacology Profiling Aids Risk Management

Functional Assessment of hNav1.x Ion Channels Using State-Dependent Protocols on the QPatch HT Automated Patch Clamp System

High-throughput Assessment of Compound-Induced Proarrhythmic Effects in Human iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Improving Valvulopathy Prediction by Qualifying 5-HT2B Functional Assay Technologies

Validation of a Label-Free Mass Spectrometry based Binding Assay for the Gamma-aminobutyric Acid B 1b Receptor


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